Addiction Hypnosis

Addiction hypnosis can help you overcome dependencies and behaviours that you believe you need to function. Underlying addictions there is often anxiety, depression, pain, trauma or PTSD, what starts out as a self-soothing ritual becomes habit forming.  Addiction hypnosis and hypnotherapy can catalyse the healing process, help you break free of the bonds of addiction and allow you to use target efforts instead, towards building your success.

If you are experiencing any of the following, addictions hypnosis can give you the determination and will power to make healthier lifestyle choices.

  • Gaming and gambling
  • Overeating and food addictions
  • Cigarettes and vaping
  • Shopping and online shopping
  • Social media
  • Sex and pornography
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
addiction hypnosis
addiction hypnosis

Addictions and dependencies are often habits that require conscious effort and a commitment to change, hypnotherapy as a treatment for addiction and its underlying causes has been proven to help overcome feelings associated with the behaviours and:

  • Guilt and shame
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Physical urges and pain management
  • Low tolerance for discomfort
  • Avoidant coping styles
  • Dismissing consequences of your actions
  • Poor self-esteem and excessive self-criticism
  • Lack of control, motivation to change and will power
  • Compulsive states

Addiction’s hypnotherapy puts you back in control and releases you from feeling trapped in a cycle of negative thinking, old habits and behaviours. What’s important to remember here is there is no failure only feedback, by attempting change and taking a subtle step forward you are already well on the way to recovery and healing.

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